avril 1, 2018

Passengers Experiences

Enable airlines to elevate services’ personalisation to an unprecedented level

Photo: Etihad Airways

Deliver the new branding of enhanced passengers concept into the reality of exceptional service providing through analytics and technology 

AeroHealth provides the fundamental scientific building blocks and technological platform required to understand the 21st century passengers’ needs and preferences. The outstanding personalisation of services that it can achieve will be the next standard in airlines distinction. Create a strong brand awareness, loyalty and products superiority for airlines around the world in commercial and private capacities.

Specific and relevant knowledge of high-value passengers which can support the development and delivery of outstanding innovations in personalised services to passengers, moving from a generic and standardise offer to a distantly personalised offer.

The continuum of the traveling journey created by deep individual recognition of passengers’ wishes with a spectrum of services possibilities extend from the « cabin-restricted » offer to the brand-based loyalty with every flight occasion.

AeroHealth’s knowledge acquisition capabilities built-in into cabin-seats and entertainment systems allow continuity, consistency in the quality and value of passengers’ experience across our clients’ airlines.

Hardware and Software hub Interface:

  • External hardware connections for health and wellbeing management before flight and at destination
  • On demand hardware provided to the passengers to manage sleep, relaxation, concentration and jet lag
  • Connections to service providing during flight
  • Personalized cabin parameters’ management (temperature light) for selected and individualized outcomes of passengers
  • Data points: ears, skin, eyes and VR
  • Potential API to medical devices to monitor existing conditions (Oxymeter heart rate, BP etc.)

Specific Applications:

  • « Smart” seats applications related to built-in sensors as well as connectivity to other complementary sensors
  • Safety and comfort applications such as seat settings for work and sleep optimization; fatigue reduction and potential dangerous conditions detection (ECG, blood oxygen levels, respiration rate); blood pressure sensing regulation of the seat for improved rest or work circulation improvement via adaptive hardware and massage functions; temperature
  • Passengers’ wellbeing and health services such as rest enhancements, jet lag management, nutrition optimization, breathing and relaxation solutions
  • Pre-flight preparation options with data assessments
  • On-board service providing enhancement with settings’ personalization
  • At destination follow-up services in wellbeing and health ahead of return flight for frequent flyers, VIP, first class and business class passengers

Tailored Services:

  • Services preflight including time zone management for sleep
  • Jet lag management
  • Personalized lounge services
  • Personalized management of onboard well-being
  • Personalized management of passengers service providing (timing and quality)
  • Management of passengers travel objectives (business & leisure)
  • Specialized and personalized services available at destination including telemedicine
  • Recommendations based on personalized data (black card services for wellness and activities)

Photo: Qatar Airways