avril 1, 2018

Crew Members

AeroHealth mission is to develop relevant solutions to provide aviation service providers with knowledge to support and empower crew members towards healthier lifestyles while reducing the impacts of long term operational risks on their health. We use artificial intelligence to ease and enhance the delivery of exceptional human services within complex work environments for Flying crews , ATC  and On-the ground crews

Task and flight readiness and risk-status solutions will help manage
  • Safety and errors rates
  • Long-term heath outcomes
  • Productivity
  • Quality of work outputs
  • Sustainability of people in demanding functions
  • Resilience of business models via human factors improvement
  • Human and financial costs allocation and management
  • Strategic investment and planned models of financial allocations
  • Business expansion
Our Results and Outcomes: 
  • Reduction in risks and errors related to fatigue and or medical conditions
  • Efficiency improvements in resource planning, management and financial investments
  • Staff wellbeing improvements with data and innovative services
  • Improvements in healthcare and insurance costs’ management
AI powered Profile computation generates multiple assessments and scores specialised by applications, tasks and functions

(for a list of applied scores please contact us)


  • Pilots and crew health management at a significantly higher level of precision and evidenced-based
  • Employees’ health optimization based on longitudinal and objective data
  • Flying crew medical certification/licensing management with integrative lifestyle profiles
  • ATC solutions for fatigue assessment and training optimisation
  • ATC shift management
  • ATC risk process evaluation
  • Fatigue and risk management for advance safety and planning
  • Selection & training processes evaluative analytics based on objective data from crew responses
  • Individual pilot/crew and cohort analytics for readiness and risk management and planning
  • Human errors, near miss and accidents review analytics
  • Mental health and stress interventions management with objective data
  • Resilience assessment (RS) based on objective data for financial, development and investment planning and management including competitiveness
  • Human factors cost management optimization (medical, insurance, training etc.)
  • Insurance applications