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Human Factors A.I.

Specialised physiological and behavioural assessments with lifestyle behaviours’ analytics. The computation of multiple parameters generates physiological scores, patterns recognition, automated alerts and at scale predictions

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Connected Seat A.I.

Interconnected hardware and software analytics to provide highly personalised passengers’ profiles and preferences required to effectively deliver precise and qualified services for passengers’ wellbeing and experience’s augmentations.

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Flights and Routes A.I.

Allows crews and managers access to unprecedented analytical capabilities relative to flights and routes features in relation to crew fatigue, operations and dispatch, layover, incidents reports and roster management issues

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Health and Wellbeing A.I.

Aviation Crews, passengers’-centric analytics to assess pre-flight status, upgrade on-board experiences, personalise services and solutions at destination.

Crew and Aviation Personnel Solutions


Integrative crews and passengers solutions with AI for humans
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